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The Hunt for the Red October!

about espinoage books... i think the greatest in that genre is the one by Tom Clancy 'The Hunt for Red October'...there is a movie too.. based on that book.. and played by Sean Connery... the movie is as good as the book....!

it all starts with the US Navy spotting a Submarine on its Sonar..heading towards US Coast... it turns out to be 'Red October'... the most advanced nuclear submarine in the world...The US is worried... it thinks Red October is coming to attack .. to drop a bomb... and more to it.. the sub is commanded by one of the most fearsome naval officers.. Marco Ramius....

But Ramius is not attacking... he is Defecting... along with the most advanced ship USSR ever made.. along with its officers... so Soviets have a plan.. they inform US embassy that a nuc sub with a mad captain is on its prowl... Ramius has his own reasons for defecting... Now.. US has only one option.. hunt down the submarine...and destroy it... (thats what USSR wants... better than US getting its hands on the technology!)

...But there is one man in US..who thinks otherwise FBI agent.. Jack Ryne...his intuition tells him that the Ramius is not on a attack agenda... but rather defecting.. but no one in US believes him... but still Ryne must go...along with the hunters.. to convince him... and get Ramius and the priceless sailboat to US...

...thus starts a game of cat and mouse... and the whole of the book is about what Ramius and Ryne and also the entire crew...and they think and outwit each other....!!!!

... Read the book for the psycology of two people who are out there to convince... outwit and win... all the while fighting themselves not to loose....

...remarkable book... a must read... !!!!


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