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Friday, June 6, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of my Life!!

Last sunday, I was on my usual mall crawling and shoppin spree, and out of my inclination, I stepped into the corner bookshop. My idea was to pick up the new Chetan Bhagat novella, the 3 Mistakes of my life. When I was about to pay up, I discovered to my delight, as his earlier books, this one too..cost very little just 95 bucks...! These days, a movie in a multiplex in delhi costs about 200 bucks, add to that a bucket of popcorn and a mug of cola, and with that money, I could buy all three of his books, still saving me some for my grub!

But quite unlike the movie at the multiplex, the book is delighting, fresh and just out of the stable...and as usual, just like in his earlier books, Chetan Bhagat indulges in some preaching too and yes of course on his fav topic.. self-development. if on first time it was the Three IIT'ians, and then it were the five Call Centres', this time it is the turn of three friends from Ahmedabad, who are inturn bonded together with the three things that excited Indians always - Cricket, Politics and Religion!

Talking about Chetan Bhagat himself, his language is still the same, not literary...simple, to the point, and crisp with a 'I-too-can-write-this' stuff! But this time around, he has become a more matured a writer, with the plot more dramatic and certainly has come of age as a writer. As withhis earlier films, this one too is keeping me longing to be made into a bollywood movie, simply coz it can be made into a good relishing movie in the genre of a 'Dil Chahta Hei' or a 'Jhankaar Beats'.

1 comment:

muthu said...

yeah, 3 mistakes of my life was chetan at his best....

the way he correlated the real life events and disasters with the characters was very good.